Jul 01, 2013

Water Filtration Company Reaches 1,000th Installment

New Hampshire-based A & B Water specializes in arsenic and radon mitigation

A&B Water 100th Installation Filtration New Hampshire Radon Arsenic

After providing 50 years of water filtration services and experience, A & B Water Consultants has reached a milestone of 1,000 arsenic system installments throughout New England. With an effective format for diagnosing and solving residential water issues, continuous water treatment is taking place in a new, more promising way.

A & B Water is a water filtration company located in Meredith, N.H., that specializes in arsenic and radon mitigation. It has continued to reach its goal of benefiting as many families as possible by providing quality drinking water for households both locally and nationwide.

The company has assembled a systematic water treatment approach for any household in need of purification of its running water. The consultants perform four simple tasks in their water filtration process: They perform free analyzing and water testing, recommend specific equipment suitable to the test results, ship the equipment and then guide the client through the entire installation process.

The New England-based company pins its plans locally, toward lessening arsenic-induced risks of particular cancers and other diseases. It straps onto a goal to keep residents safe from and informed about the harmful effects of water containing arsenic, which is found throughout the northeast region.