Jun 23, 2004

Water Miser Battles Drought

Utah is well into its sixth drought year and the threat of water-use restrictions is just around the corner; however, a new smart control irrigation technology could help.

Steven Moore, founder and president of Irrisoft Inc., says his Weather Reach product turns sprinklers serving individual homes to sprawling corporate parks into truly automated, efficient and yet miserly watering systems, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The palm-sized, blue and black receivers constantly monitor and adjust watering times and frequency by processing temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. The data is transmitted hourly from weather stations and matching that information with specifics about your landscape and plant life.

According to Irrisoft, a subsidiary of Campbell Scientific Co., using its $485 unit water will result in savings from 20 to 50 percent.

Weather Reach receivers are being evaluated by several Salt Lake area parks, public buildings, condominium complexes and business campuses. Moore also said he has answered queries from, or arranged test runs of the unit with public schools, hospitals and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to Salt Lake Tribune.

Irrisoft's test results show 12 million gallons saved over four months on two Orem city parks in late 2002; units installed at several Houston area sites last fall recorded savings of between 44 percent and 80 percent; and the receivers accounted for water-use reductions of between 13 percent and 47 percent at four private properties in Massachusetts last spring and summer.