Oct 30, 2013

Water Missions Intl. Expands Global Reach

Water Missions Intl. — Tanzania to provide safe water to tens of thousands in Tanzania

Water Missions Intl. — Tanzania Program

Water Missions Intl. expanded its capacity to impact communities in Tanzania with sustainable, comprehensive safe water solutions by establishing a country program, Water Missions Intl. — Tanzania.

The program, which is headquartered in Dar es Salaam, serves as the field office for all safe water projects within Tanzania and potential projects in surrounding nations. Tanzania is The company’s 10th country program. The other countries served by the company’s country programs include Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Belize and Indonesia.

“Tanzania is a natural choice for Water Missions Intl. to establish another country program,” said Water Missions Intl. Founder and CEO George Greene III, P.E., Ph.D.. “It connects the geographic gap between our existing country programs in Africa, and also presents a great need for sustainable safe drinking water solutions that we feel Water Missions Intl. is positioned to address.”

The country provides a great opportunity for the company to expand its TradeWater program, a management model designed for communities that lack the necessary capacity to maintain a community-managed safe water solution. Solar-powered treatment systems will also be featured, as they are the ideal solution for rural Africa.

“Our donors have expressed a deep desire to begin serving the people of Tanzania in a greater capacity, and the technology and treatment options we can bring are sustainable for their culture and environment,” said Greene. “With the addition of Water Missions International — Tanzania, we will have the ability to provide more infrastructure and resources in Africa to continue expanding our work there. Additionally, there is great opportunity to continue to develop partnerships with other local non-governmental organizations and mission groups working in that area.”

Water Missions Intl. originally began work in Tanzania in 2002 with a community-based safe water project and has since provided engineering consultation. Currently the organization has three safe water projects in progress. The first shipment to Water Missions Intl. — Tanzania will take place in the beginning of December and will include solar panels, pumps, treatment equipment and supplies to stock the program for projects.