Jun 10, 2013

Water Missions Intl. Receives National Energy Globe Award

Organization recognized for sustainable solar-powered safe water solution in Malawi

Water Missions Intl. SolarWorld AG National Energy Globe Award

Water Missions Intl. (WMI) was honored with the national Energy Globe Award for Malawi for a safe water project in the community of Chisanja. The Energy Globe Award is a prestigious environmental award given to projects that focus on energy efficiency, renewable energies and resource conservation, and the national award recognizes these project achievements in a particular country. Founded by Wolfgang Neumann, Austrian energy pioneer, the goal is to present successful sustainable projects to a broad audience, as many environmental issues already have feasible solutions.

Installed in 2011, WMI’s customized safe water solution for Chisanja utilizes solar power to provide safe water that is free of microbiological contaminants for more than 1,200 community members.

The project features numerous innovative aspects, including:

  • A hands free automated system made possible by solar panels directly wired to solar photovoltaic pumps, allowing the pumps to function whenever the sun shines. This negates the need for batteries, charge controllers, inverters and other similar items that require maintenance.
  • SMS-automated remote data monitoring that enables real-time monitoring of water meters, facilitating prompt response in the event of problems or irregularities.
  • A WMI proprietary erosion chlorination system to provide residual disinfection through a user-friendly, powerless and cost-effective platform.

Project sustainability is also achieved through the following features:

  • Ongoing and cost-effective operation by community members, following thorough training by WMI staff.
  • An environmental impact of zero emissions from system operation, made possible through solar energy.
  • Minimal required maintenance with robust design and exclusive use of high quality technological components.

SolarWorld AG worked closely with WMI to ensure that the proposed engineering solution for the project was optimized with the highest level of efficiency. While the national Energy Globe Award for Malawi was presented to WMI, it would not have been possible without assistance from SolarWorld AG.