Jan 28, 2015

Water Quality Research Foundation Announces Amway as Dignitary Partner

Amway was announced as a dignitary partner by the Water Quality Research Foundation

The Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) welcomed Amway as a dignitary partner of its Investing in Your Future Campaign. According to the foundation, Amway's leadership commitment of $125,000 will make a tremendous difference as it strives to enhance its research efforts for the betterment of the water quality industry.

WQRF also welcomed Amway as the newest member on the Campaign National Steering Committee.

"We believe the WQRF campaign has the potential to generate quality research outcomes that will serve the industry and its stakeholders well," said Roy Kuennen, vice president of durables research and development for Amway. "Already, we are seeing how this unique initiative has brought the industry together in a meaningful way. Amway is proud to support WQRF and the industry by being a part of the campaign."

To learn more about the Investing in Your Future Campaign, visit www.wqrf.org.