Oct 31, 2019

Water Quality in Plane Sight

This editorial letter originally appeared in the November 2019 issue of Water Quality Products magazine as "Hydration at 35,000 Ft"

WQP Managing Editor Lauren Del Ciello

On a recent late night flight to San Antonio, Texas, for the Water Quality Assn. Mid-Year Leadership Conference, I was writing this month’s Dealer of the Month profile when the man sitting next to me pulled out a huge stack of WQP magazines. To my amazement, he began combing through each issue and writing notes in the margins, all without noticing I was writing this issue next to him. 

The next day, I was introduced to him at the show and explained the humorous situation. He instantly bemoaned the fact that we missed an opportunity to spend the entire flight discussing water quality. He then shared his feedback with me, and I valued the opportunity to glean a reader’s insight.

On late night flights to and from a show such as that, I often order a cup of coffee on the plane, opting to power through the flight rather than nap. However, following a recent study completed by DietDetective.com in collaboration with the Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center, I’ll be foregoing the airline coffee and sticking to bottled water. The study, which focused on airlines that fly out of Pittsburgh Intl. Airport, assigned water quality health scores to different airlines based off of factors, including drinking water violations, failure to conduct monitoring and corrective actions and levels of bacteria. Ultimately, the study ranked Spirit Airlines the lowest and tied Allegiant and Alaska Airlines for the best water quality. 

So if you happen to sit next to me on a plane flying to or from a trade show, please introduce yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts and have a conversation, but let’s not order a glass of water. And if you simply can’t wait to chat until we randomly encounter one another on a plane, send me an email at [email protected] to connect.

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