Aug 14, 2018

Dairy Farmers Provide Water After Two Wells Fail in Stratford, Calif.

The well failures are mechanical and local farmers are banding together to provide water for the community

Two main wells fail in rural California town
Two main wells fail in rural California town

The two main wells serving Stratford, Calif., have experienced mechanical problems, requiring the town’s residents to truck in water from a local dairy for non-potable uses such as quick showers and toilet flushing. Residents are receiving bottled water donations for potable water.

Officials said that the wells have not run dry and that the problem is mechanical, as reported by ABC News. The problem began when the main well began producing sand, which caused the mechanical seal to fail. The well then began to vibrate and the motor pulled high amperage. Consequently, officials turned the main well off and switched to the secondary well, which failed Aug. 12.

“It’s pretty complex right now. They lost two wells within three days,” said State Water Resources Board Tricia Wathen. “So kinda the backup plan and the backup plan both did not work this time so it’s trying to assess what happened to the wells and how to fix them and get the repairs done as soon as possible.”

Until the problem can be fixed, a local dairy farm is trucking in non potable water, and both the Stratford Public Utilities District and local farmers are providing bottled water to residents. With schools scheduled to open next week, porta potties are being installed at schools.