Water-Right Acquires State-Approved Test Lab

Acquisition of lab with 20 years of water testing experience will support mission of providing quality water solutions

Water-Right’s capabilities to meet the challenges of treating problem water will be enhanced with the acquisition of Clean Water Testing, Inc. (CWT), a state-certified laboratory with extensive water testing experience. Located in Appleton, Wis., Clean Water Testing is an independent drinking water lab.

Clean Water Testing was founded by Michael D. Furstenberg in 1984 to serve residential customers in surrounding communities. Today CWT serves customers throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois while supporting three other laboratories, one in each of the same states.

CWT’s services include testing for health and safety issues such as coliform bacteria, e. coli, nitrates, lead, copper and arsenic as well as common groundwater impurities, such as iron, manganese, hardness, sodium chloride and sulfates. According to Furstenberg, testing for harmful elements such as arsenic, lead, fluoride, nitrate and bacteria is more routine today than ever before due to growing concerns among both public and private customers over health issues and liability risks associated with both well and municipal-treated water sources. CWT also provides testing for hazardous contaminants, such as VOCs (volatile organic chemicals such as gasoline and solvents), heavy metals, and other environmental contaminants in either the ground or groundwater.

CWT has historically provided water quality testing for well drillers, pump installers, private homeowners, realtors, municipalities, schools, rural businesses and other public facilities. With more than 20 years of water testing expertise, Furstenberg has been frequently tapped to serve as a guest speaker or lecturer on water quality issues by associations and environmental groups, including real estate and home builder associations, lawyers, and the DNR.

Clean Water Testing, LLC will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Water-Right, Inc., but will remain a separate business entity. According to Kurt Gruett, vice president of Water-Right, Furstenberg will remain as lab director and continue to uphold the level of quality, service and integrity upon which his company was founded. Gruett also stated plans to relocate CWT by early 2004 to a new facility to be constructed adjacent to Water-Right’s existing headquarters in Appleton. The corporate goal, according to Gruett, is to leverage CWT’s testing expertise to support sales and service opportunities in the immediate surrounding area and to eventually support Water-Right dealers nationwide.

Water-Right, Inc.

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