Water-Right Expands With Acquisition of WaterCare

Two providers of water treatment solutions join forces

Two providers of water treatment solutions join forces

Water-Right Inc., a manufacturer of residential and commercial quality water treatment systems in Appleton, Wis., announced it has acquired WaterCare Corp. WaterCare will expand Water-Right’s portfolio of water treatment products and services. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“From a business perspective, this acquisition just makes sense on multiple levels,” said Kurt Gruett, president of Water-Right. “The WaterCare dealer organization, product lines and even business philosophies are all very similar to those of Water-Right. It’s a natural fit.”

Both companies are family-owned with Water-Right’s Gruett and WaterCare’s Bill Granger being second and third generation leaders, respectively.

Under the company’s restructuring, WaterCare now exists as a division of Water-Right. WaterCare dealers will continue to carry the WaterCare product line and may have access to additional products from Water-Right in the future.

“WaterCare’s dealers will add significantly to Water-Right’s presence in the marketplace,” Gruett said. “By combining our resources and experience, we expect to increase WaterCare’s name recognition, along with market share and distribution.”

As part of the reorganization, Gruett will direct all operations for Water-Right and WaterCare. WaterCare’s current president, Granger, will serve as sales manager of WaterCare and will focus on taking the dealer organization “to the next level.” Both companies are known for their strong support of dealers. Plans are underway to offer new dealer-driven programs including sales, technical and management training.

“WaterCare dealers will still have all the support and service they are familiar with, along with many new and exciting products, through Water-Right,” Granger said. “It should prove to be a perfect synergy moving forward in the marketplace.”


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