Aug 10, 2016

Water-Right Products Updates Accept Three New Features

Select products have Ozone Generator, Salt Monitoring, Remote Flow Meter

Water-Right, water conditioning, salt monitoring, ozone, flow, filter

Water-Right Inc. announced updates to select WaterCare and Evolve products. The updates will allow the products to accept three new features: Ozone Generator capabilities, Salt Monitoring and a Remote (2nd) Flow Meter option.

Ozone technology is a powerful sterilant that cleans filters without the use of chemicals or harmful by-products. As air is drawn into the tank to recharge the unit, Water-Right’s Ozone Generator (Model No. OZ1-A) convert’s normal oxygen (O2) to ozone (O3) with the use of an electrical field. The ozone is then drawn into the filter tank, which helps clean the unit under certain water conditions and extend the unit life between services. The ozone generator will automatically turn itself off after regeneration.

The Ozone Generator Kit is an easy, “plug-and-play” in-field add-on for WaterCare and Evolve systems. WaterCare and Evolve dealers can order this kit at any time for a simple onsite installation. Dealers plug the two-prong adapter clip into the unit board and set the programming; no additional transformers, relays or power supplies are needed.

Water-Right’s Salt Monitor (Model No. CV-3395) features a patented product design and the same easy “plug-and-play” installation as the Ozone Generator Kit. No additional transformers, relays or power supplies are needed. It is a standard function of the controller on select products.

This feature works by taking a conductivity reading during the water softener’s brine cycle. The program then converts the reading into a percentage value of brine concentration. If the reading is low, an audible and visual alarm is triggered, notifying the homeowner that additional salt is required. The Salt Monitoring feature will be available starting in September and can be ordered on select WaterCare and Evolve systems.

The Remote Flow Meter capability is intended to give the user the ability to record and monitor a second stream of water and is appropriate for tracking irrigation water usage, reclaim water monitoring, gray water monitoring or any other application where the user may want to record a second “fluid” usage.

The Remote Flow Meter is capable of monitoring streams of up to 350 gpm. Compatible meter sizes range from 1 to 3 in. All Remote Flow Meters come with a 15-ft cord, which can be extended up to 75 ft using 22-gauge wire.