Feb 13, 2013

Water-Smart Photo Contest to Showcase Landscapes

WaterSense invites those committed to saving water to submit photos of water-efficient landscapes

WaterSense Water-Smart Landscape Photo Contest Submission Low-Water Using

WaterSense is showcasing how beautiful, efficient and diverse low water-using landscapes can be. The Water-Smart Landscape Photo Contest invites home and business owners, landscape designers, irrigation professionals and anyone else committed to saving water to submit snapshots of landscapes from any time of the year - including past years - that demonstrate how water-smart practices can be both beautiful and efficient. Participation is easy and open to the public, and multiple entries are welcomed.

Photos of landscapes that depict water-smart landscaping principles in an attractive way will be featured in the Water-Smart Landscape Photo Gallery next spring (with submitter credit). WaterSense will give priority to photos presenting landscapes with:

  • Drought tolerant, low water-using or native plants;
  • Mulch around shrubs and garden plants;
  • Limited or functional use of turfgrass; and
  • Water-efficient irrigation design and components (e.g., micro or drip irritation, weather-based irrigation controllers, etc.)

WaterSense will share some of the best water-efficient and aesthetically pleasing submissions on the EPA WaterSense Facebook page for voting. One or more photos earning the most votes will be showcased as models of a water-smart landscape in the program’s leading materials on outdoor water use and in other venues.

The deadline to enter is Feb. 15, 2013. Click here to submit your photo today.