Water Softener Helps Make the Most of Appliance Effectiveness

Kinetico introduces the Essential Series of a non-electric, single-tank systems

Kinetico Essential Series Water Softener Single-Tank System Non-Electric

Kinetico recently introduced the Essential Series in the U.S. and Canada, non-electric, single-tank systems ideal for suburbanites and city dwellers with typical municipal water, as well as those with well water that falls within specific conditions. The new series of water softeners is designed to help meet water softening needs by removing minerals such as calcium and magnesium that can negatively impact the effectiveness and efficiency of costly appliances and plumbing, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, along with contributing to other damaging effects to hair, skin and more.

Completely non-electric, the series is designed with the consumer in mind and built to the highest standards of reliability, efficiency and energy savings. During installation, the compact unit is calibrated to the home's individual water conditions so that it can efficiently deliver soft water for use throughout the entire home.

Water softeners can help consumers avoid the scale and deposit buildup from water in coffee pots, water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines, and help keep showerheads and faucets free of mineral buildup. Other benefits include more manageable hair, softer skin, brighter laundry and better cleaning results while using less soap, detergent and cleaner.

The Water Quality Research Foundation funded the Detergent Savings Study, which was published in March 2011. The study explored the impact of softened water on detergent use and energy consumption. Conducted by the independent testing firm Scientific Services S/D Inc. of New York, the study found that detergent used in washing machines can be reduced by 50% when a water softener is used. Softened water is also more effective at removing stains and cleaning clothes, including those washed at lower temperatures compared to results in hard water. In addition, the study found dishwasher detergent and energy savings, along with the more efficient operation of gas water heaters.

While many rural dwellers and those with well water are already aware of water issues and the benefits of water softeners, the same often is not true of many city and suburban dwellers who can benefit from protecting their appliances, reducing detergent and energy use, improving the cleaning power of their appliances and enjoying a higher quality of life with softer hair and skin through the use of softeners.


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