Jul 31, 2019

Ohio Water Treatment Plant Adds Water Softening Technology

Treatment plant will house nanofiltration system

Treatment plant will house nanofiltration system

In Huber Heights, Ohio, a water treatment plant started adding water softening technology to its treatment process at the request of residents. 

The treated water will be softer than the water supplied by the city of Dayton, Huber Heights City Engineer Russ Bergman said. According to Dayton Daily News, the project is being paid by the Ohio Water Development Authority loan and increased water rates to construct the $11 million water softening project.

Residents with a water softener in their home should turn it off for a month or two once the city’s water softener is operational, Bergman said. Residents then can see if they notice a difference to determine if they want to continue using it. 

A majority of residents already use a water softener, Huber Heights City Manager Rob Schommer said, and added residents need to be mindful that the hardness level in their filter would need to be adjusted to accommodate. 

Peterson Construction will build the new 6,000 sq-ft structure, which will house the nanofiltration system. According to Dayton Daily News, construction will take around a year, however, it will take 15 months for the water in Huber Heights to be fully softened. 

This move to soften the water came from the needs and demands of residents, Schommer said.

“This is really going to reduce build-up in pipes and fixtures and overall improve the quality of the water,” Schommer said to Dayton Daily News.

In a 2016 advisory election, residents voted “yes” on the issue. Before the election, a survey was conducted on residents’ interest in having softer water. Bergman said around 65% surveyed had an interest in softer water.