May 11, 2011

Water Solutions Inc. Triples Manufacturing Staff

Company will also build new facility to meet demand for desalination system

In order to meet increased demand for the company’s portable water desalination modules, Water Solutions Inc. has added two extra shifts to its shop floor.

“Now that we have proven the product in all climate extremes and remote locations, orders are coming in at a tremendous rate,” aid Water Solutions Inc. President and CEO Glenn Reynolds. “We will be breaking ground on our expended manufacturing facility this quarter, and should be able to take advantage of the extra capacity by the end of the year.”

Water Solutions Inc., a California-based water treatment company developed an in-house method of water desalination that has reduced hardware and operating costs. The modules can be transported via intermodal transport to any location in the world within days. They can operate in stand-alone mode or in ganged series to scale output to local needs.