Sep 02, 2015

Water Taste Trends

“I don’t like water.”

I have heard this sentence, or variations of it, many times. When people say this, most often they mean that they don’t like the taste of water, and therefore opt for any number of beverages instead.

While this statement may sound strange (it’s a widely known fact that drinking water is good for health — not to mention it’s hard not to like something so life-sustaining as water), I can certainly understand why some people may have grown to prefer other beverages. Perhaps they dislike the chlorine taste in their municipally supplied tap water. Maybe they use a private well that is contaminated by a substance that gives it an "off" taste or odor.

There are many reasons why water might not taste the best, but as water treatment professionals, we know there are myriad treatment methods available to ensure that water smells and tastes great.

Several other options are available today to make water even more palatable: carbonation and flavorings. These water options are on the rise, as evidenced by the many technologies and methods available to make them happen. Products such as MiO and SodaStream are available on store shelves. Many cooler manufacturers now offer carbonated water options on their product lines. At the Coffee Tea & Water show last November, I even tried a machine that functioned similar to a Keurig coffeemaker to add both flavor and carbonation to my water.

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