Jan 21, 2020

Flint Has Four Weeks to Turn in Water Testing Data

Flint, Michigan has been granted four weeks to turn in water testing data. 

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Flint, Michigan, has four weeks to show that the water it tested to determine lead levels in 2019 came from homes at the highest risk of contamination.

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLR) has granted Flint more time to document that the water samples it submitted came from “Tier 1” sites, which are homes with lead service lines or indoor plumbing, reported MLive.  

The city was required to have 60 samples during the second half of 2019, but fell short and had just 43 confirmed in late December. 

In a Jan. 13 letter, EGLR Division of Drinking Water and Environmental Health Director Eric Oswald said that Flint now has until Feb. 14 to submit updated documents. The state will only use results from Tier 1 sites to determine Flint’s lead levels for the second half of 2019, reported MLive.

“Should the city fail to collect the required 60 samples, a violation will be issued, along with conditions required for a return to compliance” with the Safe Drinking Water Act, Oswald’s letter says.

Flint has until Feb. 14 to turn in a sampling plan that details how it will continue testing once all lead service lines in the city have been replaced.

Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley went door to door on Dec. 19 to ask homeowners to participate in the water testing so the city could meet its Dec. 31 deadline, reported MLive. At the time, the city needed 40 of its required 60 water samples to remain compliant with the federal Lead and Copper Rule and the state Safe Drinking Water Act.

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