Nov 08, 2018

Testing Pen Measures Temperature & Dissolved Oxygen

Testing Pen Measures Temperature & Dissolved Oxygen

The UltraPen PT5 dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature test pen is designed to be accurate, fast and simple to use in diverse water quality applications. Features include:

  • Proprietary sensor design;
  • Stable microprocessor-based circuitry;
  • Adjustments for altitude and sample salinity for DO concentration;
  • Temperature compensation algorithm that dynamically corrects for changes in membrane temperature during measurements;
  • Real-time readings; 
  • Easy-to-read LCD;
  • One-handed operation; and
  • Three calibration methods: Zero (0 ppm DO), Air (water-saturated air) and Water (air-saturated water). 

When fully calibrated, the pen is accurate to ±2% for DO saturation. DO membranes are contained in easy-to-install screw-on caps. The pen’s waterproof, rugged aircraft aluminum construction, plus its ability to accurately measure DO saturation and concentration, make it suitable for both laboratory and field applications.

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