Old-Fashioned Customer Service at the Speed of Today's Business

April 1, 2006
TexSon Water, a wholesale distributor, is dedicated to serving water treatment professionals with an emphasis on customer value and service

About the author: Texson Water, Ltd. can be reached at 800.757.9102, or at www.texsonwater.com.

TexSon Water, Ltd., located in San Antonio, Texas, was formed in late 2003. Created with the desire to supply the smaller independent dealers with a complete line of water treatment equipment, TexSon Water has quickly grown to be a comprehensive supplier to dealers of all sizes.


TexSon Water, started by Dan Cammack and Scott Buss, was named in honor of Sonny Cammack. Sonny was the original founder of Alamo Water and one of the founding fathers of the Texas Water Quality Association (TWQA). His dedication to TWQA, the Water Quality Association (WQA), his company, employees, vendors and the water quality industry as a whole was endless. The TWQA honors this with a “Sonny Cammack Award,” presented to a TWQA member who best exhibits these qualities.

Sonny’s philosophies are embodied at TexSon Water. Each member of the TexSon team has spent at least 10 years under the direction and influence of Sonny. Dan, president of TexSon Water, together with Scott, general manager, and the entire TexSon team have tried to exemplify Sonny’s customer service values.

As a second-generation water treatment wholesaler, Dan holds various certifications and has served on a number of regional and national water quality committees. He continues to be actively involved in the water quality industry by serving on the advisory boards of colleges and industry magazines.

Scott spent a number of years working with a large commercial industrial company in Texas and has more than 20 years experience in wholesale distribution. He joined Sonny at Alamo Water in the early 1990s and worked his way up to a management position. In late 2003, he teamed up with Dan to help create TexSon Water. Scott holds a number of certifications and has served on regional water quality committees.

TexSon Today

As fewer water quality wholesalers today offer customer service and technical support, TexSon Water was founded on the need to service the dealerships left behind. Although significant investments have been made with regard to computers, phone systems and inventory, the primary focus of TexSon Water is to offer independent dealers knowledge, dependability and support. In other words, TexSon Water has combined a cutting-edge computer system, website and phone system with old-fashioned customer service and a genuine desire to help dealers in the water treatment industry succeed.

With David Rone and Cris Mills at the helm of customer service, TexSon proudly opened its doors in March 2004 with an initial order of $6.12. Since that first order, inventory levels, product lines and direct vendor alliances have come together to fill the needs of dealers of all sizes and affiliations. In addition, machined plastics and manufacturing capabilities have allowed TexSon to expand their product offering.

Customer service additions to the team, such as Jody Everett, as well as outside sales representatives, offer customers the technical and personal service they deserve.

Industry support through organizations such as the WQA and the TWQA keep TexSon Water up-to-date with political and legal issues that may stand in the way of their customers’ success.

Today, TexSon Water proudly offers quality products from major manufacturers with unparalleled customer service. “Customers appreciate our willingness to stock specific items as well as our ‘no minimum order’ policy,” Dan said. “Procurement of new and innovative products is one of the benefits that we bring to the dealer.”

TexSon Water also offers dealers roundtable-style seminars with industry experts, allowing customers to keep up with technical information and recent innovations in the industry.

So what does the future hold for TexSon Water? “Expanded facilities and new customer service/technical personnel are on the horizon,” Dan explained. This, combined with a constant vigilance to serve the customer, is just one of the many ways TexSon Water is striving to be the comprehensive supplier to Texas and the surrounding states—delivering old-fashioned customer service at the speed of today’s business.

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