The Way to Water

Aug. 13, 2015

For many people, choosing a career path is easy—they know the industry they want to be in, and get the education or qualifications needed to reach that goal. Others take a more roundabout way before finding the career that is right for them.

WQP’s July Dealer of the Month, Daniel Scott, falls into the latter category. When he first got his start in the plumbing industry, it was not because he had a great love for it. “To be completely honest, I needed a job at the time and I found a plumber who was hiring,” Scott said. “I found out that I loved it and was super good it.”

From there, Scott developed his skills and gained experience in the areas of plumbing and water treatment. Eventually, he decided to branch out on his own and start his own company, Friendly Plumber, with business partner Josh Christensen.

How did you get involved with the water treatment industry? Was it something you always knew you wanted to do, or is your story more similar to Scott’s? Tell us your story in the comments or send us an e-mail at [email protected].

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