Plug Into Your Customer Before You Plug Into Technology: The Anatomy of a Great Question

Nov. 8, 2013


Webinar Overview:
Truly understanding customers' perceptions, as well as all of their needs and wants, is the key to connecting with them. This webinar will assist you in understanding the difference between intentional and instinctual questions. You will learn what an intentional question is: It is insightful, knowledge driven, deliberate and helps you connect with the customer. It also answers some of the questions the customer has about you and your professionalism, expertise and intelligence. You will be given the basic tools to construct great intentional questions and how to avoid interrogation overload.

Michael Thompson
Applied Management Group Inc.

Michael Thompson is a veteran in the water treatment industry, with 26 years of experience. During those years he has held many roles, from dealership management to regional sales management. During his 14-year tenure with Culligan Intl., he led numerous franchisees in developing their sales and marketing strategies and developed and facilitated “best-in-class” sales and technical training. He has presented to hundreds of owners, managers, salespeople, service technicians and support personnel throughout North America, helping to achieve revenue plans in excess of $29 million per year. He is a Certified Water Specialist VI and a Culligan Master Service Technician. He has received the Emmet J. Culligan Waterfall Award, Culligan Top Manager Circle Award (2000, 2006 and 2007) and Culligan 10-Year Service Award.