Water Treatment Industry Loses Lifelong Friend

After 39 years in the industry, Mike Hamberger has died

After 39 years in the industry, Mike Hamberger has died

The water treatment industry lost a friend and professional with the passing of Mike Hamberger just three days before Christmas 2009. Hamberger was well known and respected by many within the industry after serving more than 39 years in key roles with a number of equipment manufacturers.

Those roles included various positions within Fleck Controls (customer service manager, national sales manager and executive vice president) and with Alamo Water Refining where he was responsible for startup and management of the company’s N.E. Wholesale Distribution Center in Western Pennsylvania. For the past 11 years, he was the national sales manager for Water-Right, Inc, in Appleton, Wis.

Hamberger contributed much to the water treatment industry with his numerous presentations on residential and commercial service training conducted throughout the United States during his entire career. He also made many educational presentations over the years at various Water Quality Assn. industry shows and conferences.

Memorials should be directed to the Water Quality Research Foundation, attention: Kelley Thompson.


Water-Right, Inc.

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