Sep 20, 2013

WaterBox Announces New Team Member for Eco-Carton Project

Former president of Mid-Atlantic Coca Cola and the 7UP Co. to lend his experience to Eco-Carton

WaterBox Eco-Carton Jim Harford Coca Cola 7-Up

Jim Harford joined the WaterBox team in support of the Eco-Carton, a paperboard beverage container with a mineralized barrier coating that supports the environment. Harford began his career in the soft drink industry in 1967 and became the youngest corporate vice president in Royal Crown Cola Co.'s history in 1969. He has held other executive positions, and was tapped to manage large beverage investments for both First Boston and Citi-Corp Venture Capital. He managed the integration of Everfresh Juice Co. and LaCroix Sparkling Water for National Beverage Co., and developed the Asian Concentrate business for Monarch Beverages. Harford has been engaged in a diversified beverage consulting practice in the last several years, focusing on the introduction of new products into the market.  

Hoping to translate some of Harford's financial expertise to the Eco-Carton, the owners of WaterBox have launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo with a $37,000 funding goal. The Eco-Carton is an alternative to current beverage containers that employ polyethylene plastic coatings, which may be harmful to the environment. The Eco-Carton's healthful mineralized barrier coating is an industry first, which, according to WaterBox, will be a viable way to help reduce the environmental crisis.

Taking a hint from the $11 billion Americans spent on bottled water last year alone, WaterBox acknowledges consumers' need for portability when it comes to beverages. The company's major concern is that less than 20% of those water bottles were recycled last year. This translates to plastic bottles polluting oceans, lakes, rivers and landfills for years to come. The goal of the Eco-Carton is to reduce plastic pollution and solve customers' needs for convenience healthfully. With a further reduction of the carbon footprint, WaterBox makes the Eco-Carton cost-effective to the consumer. Its paperboard packaging coated with a mineralized barrier is made from 97% sustainable and renewable materials. The mineralized resins are high performance and U.S. FDA compliant. The product's inks and finishes are plant based.