WaterChef Announces Sale of 100 PureSafe Water Station Units to Chinese Joint Venture

David A. Conway, president and CEO of WaterChef, Inc. announced that a joint venture formed between China’s Sino-American Jinzhou Yuebao and C. Trade Pure Water Group has entered into a $10 million contract with WaterChef to purchase 100 PureSafe Water Stations.

The Joint Venture will be based in Northeast China and will utilize the 15,000 gpd PureSafe units to purify water from local sources for sale to governmental, industrial, commercial and individual consumers. Production of the units is expected to start in May, with deliveries beginning in June. C. Trade Group expects to ship these initial 100 units to China over the next two years.

C. Trade Group has extensive experience in China, where they grow the natural fibers used in the production of plastic pellets for their natural biodegradable plastics venture in China. According to Nick Kontonicolas, president of C. Trade Group, “We sent a PureSafe unit to China earlier this year so our Chinese partners could test the WaterChef equipment using local water sources. After exhaustive testing, and comparison of the PureSafe with other technologies, our joint venture found that, besides PureSafe's economic advantage over competitive systems, PureSafe delivered a more effective solution with respect to both the quality and taste of the water produced.”

WaterChef, Inc.

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