Water.com is the Site for Bottled Water Home Delivery

Water Group launched water.com (www.water.com), a website for bottled water and
interactive health information, enabling consumers to place orders for bottled
water products and services online and have the products delivered right to
their door. In addition, water.com is a resource for useful health information,
education and research. Consumers can communicate directly with health experts
on Suntory's Good Health Advisory Board, a panel of doctors and nutritionists.

consumers can purchase any of the Atlanta-based Suntory's five brands of spring
and purified bottled water products including Belmont Springs in the Northeast;
Crystal Springs in the Southeast; Hinckley Springs in the Midwest; Sierra
Springs in the West; and Kentwood Springs in the Southwest.

water.com, consumers can purchase bottled water from anywhere and inquire about
purchases online. In addition, customers can engage in service, billing, or
general information inquiries with Internet Specialist Customer Care associates.

Suntory Water Group)

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