Aug 10, 2011

WateReuse Research Foundation Awards Grant to Develop Green Building Guidance

Companies will create planning tools to aid in the development of water reuse systems

American Water Works Co. Inc. announced that it is part of a team that has received a grant from the WateReuse Research Foundation to conduct a joint research project to develop green building guidance for the water reuse industry. The project is titled "Guidance for Implementing Water Reuse in New Buildings and New Developments to Achieve LEED Sustainability Goals."

American Water is teaming with Hazen and Sawyer and Alliance Environmental to develop guidance and planning tools to help engineers, policy makers, planners and developers make decisions on how to incorporate reclaimed water projects into new buildings and developments.

The total value of the project is $185,927, with $124,834 funded by the WateReuse Research Foundation and $61,000 funded by in-kind contribution from the research partners. American Water will directly receive $40,000 to pay for analytical costs, labor and other research costs.

"We are pleased that the WateReuse Research Foundation continues to recognize American Water as the industry leader in water reuse research," said Dr. Mark LeChevallier, director of innovation and environmental stewardship, who is serving as American Water's lead investigator on the project. "Our team of expert scientists and engineers, coupled with our diverse experiences in the design, build, operation and management of water reuse projects, provides an exceptional opportunity to study and develop the guidance document and tools for the water reuse industry."