Waterite Technologies, Inc. Announces Acquisition of BJ Filtrex Systems

Waterite Technologies, Inc., a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of water quality equipment headquartered in Winnipeg Manitoba, has completed the acquisition of the operating assets of BJ Filtrex Systems, Inc. of Coquitlam BC.

Paul Jacuzzi, president and CEO of Waterite Technologies, said, “This acquisition broadens Waterite’s participation in the industrial, commercial and institutional filtration markets. Customers of Filtrex and Waterite will benefit from a greater selection of quality products, services and regional warehouse facilities. The company will enjoy combined purchasing power, lower overhead costs and new sales opportunities leading to enhanced performance for our shareholders.”

Filtrex will operate as a separate sales division, and all key Filtrex personnel have been retained in this acquisition.

Waterite Technologies, Inc.

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