Waterlogic Names New Lead of U.S. Operations and Head of CoolerSmart

Waterlogic USA President & CEO Sergio Leymarie is now in charge of all U.S. operations, and Dave Luckner will head the CoolerSmart team as executive vice president while continuing his role as CFO of Waterlogic USA

Waterlogic USA
Waterlogic USA

Waterlogic Plc, a designer, manufacturer and global distributor of point-of-use (POU) drinking water purification and dispensing systems, recently announced expanded roles for key executives in North America.

The appointments further align the U.S. management team at the company’s U.S. subsidiaries, namely Waterlogic USA, Innowave and CoolerSmart. 

Sergio Leymarie, as president and CEO of Waterlogic USA, now has responsibility for all U.S. operations, including Innowave USA LLC, based in Omaha, Neb.; CoolerSmart USA LLC, based in New Castle, Del., and Waterlogic USA Inc.

Leymarie serves on the board of Waterlogic USA, having joined Waterlogic in January 2012.

Dave Luckner will lead the CoolerSmart team as executive vice president while continuing his responsibilities as CFO of Waterlogic USA, where he strategically leads the finances and compliance of all Waterlogic U.S. businesses. Luckner joined Waterlogic in April 2012. Both Luckner and Bob Junk, vice president of Innowave, will report to Leymarie.

Waterlogic USA

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