Jan 11, 2011

Waterlogic Reports Increase in Demand for Firewall UV Technology

Point-of-use system helps prevent bacteria contamination

Waterlogic, an international manufacturer and distributor of point-of-use water dispensers, has received numerous approaches from major brands looking to implement its Firewall UV technology with the aim of guaranteeing highly purified drinking water for their consumers in other applications.

The Firewall is attracting attention following Water Quality Association certification in two of the most stringent international water purity classifications.

The Firewall technology breaks new ground with a unique internal design creating a two-way barrier that prevents bacteria migrating into and flowing out of the faucet. Because the UV is at the point of use, the risk of back contamination from airborne bacteria is removed, ensuring that all cold, sparkling and ambient water has the maximum (class A) UV treatment to provide 100% pure water.

“The Firewall UV technology is increasingly in demand for applications beyond that of the Waterlogic core skill of bottle-less coolers,” said Chris Garner, Waterlogic’s marketing director. “Waterlogic has already received approaches from several major brands looking to gain first mover advantage from this significant new technological development.”

Waterlogic commissioned several independent tests to highlight the necessity for water purification at the point of use.

According to the company, yacht and caravan manufacturers have expressed interest in the product.