WaterPure International Starts Final Testing of New Atmospheric Water Generator

The Magnum uses ambient humidity to produce clean drinking water

WaterPure International Inc. announced that it has begun final testing of its new Magnum Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG). The Magnum is designed to be placed outside the home or office and uses humidity in the air to produce clear drinking water. The bacteria-free water it produces is plumbed into the water dispenser of a home or office refrigerator or directly to a water dispenser at the sink.

Final testing of the Magnum involves placing the Magnum in test homes and offices to insure that proper water flow is attained. Completion of this testing phase is expected within the next ten weeks.

In areas where relative humidity levels might sometimes fall below 35%, the Magnum also can be used to purify municipal tap water or well water and provide a constant supply of water that exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agenyc and World Health Organization requirements for drinking water. The company expects to introduce larger units in the near future.

The Magnum is made at WaterPure's Florida factory.

WaterPure International Inc.

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