WaterPure Intl. Announces Major Order From European Distributor

Company to deliver more than 1,000 atmospheric water generator units in the next two years

WaterPure Intl. Inc. announced that it received a major order from a European distributor. The order calls for the first container as part of a 1,000-unit contract for WaterPure's WaterCycle G5 water generator over the next 24 months.

"This is our largest European order to date and reflects the rapidly growing global interest for safe green sustainable alternatives to tap and bottled water,” said WaterPure CEO Paul S. Lipschutz. “The WaterCycle G5 AWG unit has been under development during the past year. The new G5 is capable of producing 7 to 10 gal a day of 99.99% pure water from air at whisper-quiet sound levels.

"Our distributors have rigorously tested earlier models of WaterPure's equipment at customer sites in the U.S. and in several European locations over the past year,” he continued. “The atmospheric water generators all performed flawlessly. A recent visit to WaterPure allowed the distributors to see and hear the new G5. We are very pleased that it exceeded all of the distributors' expectations. They have advised us they are confident this will enable them to maintain their competitive advantages in the European markets. Therefore we expect this latest technological breakthrough will be well received by other international partners and end users. Following our reviews of numerous other competitive products, we are confident that no other company can deliver the quality and quantity of water the G5 delivers, supported by a complete three-year parts and labor warranty.”

To date, WaterPure has secured sales contracts with domestic and foreign distributors for the purchase of 3,650 AWG units over the next two years.

WaterPure Intl. Inc.

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