WaterSense to Develop Irrigation Sprinkler Specification

The specification will help provide more water-efficient irrigation equipment options

EPA WatersSense Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler Specification

Nationally, outdoor water use accounts for about 30% of average household water use. To help increase outdoor water efficiency, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced its intent to develop a WaterSense specification for landscape irrigation sprinklers. This Notice of Intent will complement the specification for irrigation control technologies, as well as the work WaterSense is doing with irrigation professionals. Water-efficient irrigation sprinklers deliver water more evenly to the landscape than traditional sprinklers and also regulate pressure to help ensure a constant flow rate. Developing a specification that allows sprinklers to earn the WaterSense label will help provide more water-efficient irrigation equipment options to consumers and irrigation professionals. Interested parties are invited to provide written comments or suggestions on this Notice of Intent by June 30, 2014, to [email protected]


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