Oct 25, 2012

Web-Based Water Softening Calculator Now Available

Purolite’s Web-based softening calculator estimates ion exchange resin requirements for hardness removal

Purolite Water Softening Calculator

Purolite has released a Web version of its proprietary softening calculator to the general public. This calculator estimates the ion exchange resin requirements for softening of ground, potable, process and wastewaters.

“This calculator is the second of a series of Web-based calculators we are releasing under our Puredesign family of calculators specific for ion exchange processes. This calculator enables the rapid calculation of ion exchange resin for softening and is extremely easy to use,” said Francis Boodoo, director of applied technologies for Purolite.

Purolite’s softening calculator is a simple-to-use tool requiring the minimum of inputs to estimate ion exchange resin requirements to soften water, and can be found on www.purolite.com. It is supplied at no cost and provides a summary printout of the input data and calculated requirements.