Feb 14, 2017

Nonprofit Completes Water Well Projects

Maryland, Pennsylvania projects completed in memory of Henry E. King III

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The Water Well Trust has completed water well projects in Maryland and Pennsylvania in memory of the late vice president of Aquaflow, Henry E. King III.

King was active in national, state, and local groundwater associations and business associations, and actively participated in charitable events focused on groundwater. Following his death May 21, 2016, the Water Systems Council's Water Well Trust established a memorial fund in his name to drill water wells for families without access to clean water.

Ben Wood of Lifetime Well Drilling completed the first water well project in Denton, Md.

"We have no water. Our well has failed. I am a single mother with disabilities on Social Security disability. My income barely pays our monthly expenses. We really need this help,” said the resident.

Lifetime Well Drilling provided a discount to drill the well, Goulds Water Technology donated the pump and Amtrol Inc. donated the tank.

The second water well project was completed in Barto, Pa., for homeowners with two small children who live in a 100-year-old home. "I am just blown away by the fact we have been given a gift like this! My 6-year-old daughter cannot wait to take a bath. She has never been able to since we moved here."

Franklin Electric Co. Inc. donated the pump and Flexcon Industries donated the tank.

"This is an excellent way to honor Henry within our industry while also supporting our industry's outreach to Americans who lack a precious resource that most of us take for granted," said Milby Co. President Burnet Chalmers, who initiated the Water Well Trust Henry King III Memorial Fund. "Henry was involved in the water well industry his entire life as an owner of Aquaflow. He was a good and ethical business person with a kind compassionate personality."

The Water Systems Council established the Water Well Trust in 2010 to provide clean, sanitary drinking water to Americans who lack access to a reliable water supply and to construct and document small community water systems, using water wells to demonstrate that these systems are a cost-effective solution for delivering safe drinking water to rural households.

For more information, visit www.waterwelltrust.org.