Jun 09, 2021

North Central Massachusetts Launches Private Well Program

The private well testing program is funded by a Synergy Initiative grant totaling $629,000.

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The North Central Massachusetts Private Well Program is seeking homeowners with private wells in six area communities. 

The goal of the program is to promote better public health and safety for households with private wells, according to RCAP Solutions, who created The Private Well Program. The program will evaluate private wells in the northern Worcester County area in order to: gauge water quality; educate homeowners; and work directly with homeowners for remediation efforts.

The program is funded by a Synergy Initiative grant totaling $629,000 from The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts to address drinking water issues in the northern central Massachusetts area, reported The Gardner News

During the next six months, RCAP Solutions will focus on the six designated communities, including Berlin, Bolton, Boxborough, Princeton and Sterling. These communities will be provided complimentary well assessments and testing, as well as public education services to residents. 

The goal of the pilot program is to assess 40 private wells in each of the six selected towns, for a total of 240 assessments to be completed in 2021, reported The Gardner News. According to RCAP Solutions, the staff provides homeowners with a free, on-site professional review of their well head and recharge area. The assessment also includes a complimentary water test from a state-certified lab, which tests for: arsenic, chloride, copper, fluoride, hardness, iron, lead, manganese, pH, sodium, coliform bacteria, nitrate/nitrite, uranium and radon. 

RCAP Solutions is partnering with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), the Montachusett Public Health Network, Nashoba Associated Boards of Health, and the Massachusetts Environmental Health Association on the project.

The second phase will include public education, advocacy for local and statewide private well regulations and identification of financial resources for homeowners in need of well remediation, reported The Gardner News. 

Interested homeowners can visit www.rcapsolutions.org/ma-private-wells for more information and to request a well assessment.

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