William Pearson II Selected Water Technologist of the Year

William E. Pearson II, CWT received the prestigious Ray Baum Memorial Water Technologist of the Year Award during the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) 2005 Convention & Exposition in Palm Springs, Calif., on September 23.

The award recognizes exemplary service to the AWT membership and outstanding contributions to the field of water treatment. Pearson has been a long time friend of AWT through his chairmanship and activity with the Technical Committee. Pearson has sat on the Board of Directors, been involved with many task force projects and in 2003 was AWT’s president. His tireless efforts and work throughout the years helped develop the water treatment industry’s first independent certification program, the Certified Water Technologist (CWT), and he is the primary author of AWT’s major Legionella documents.

During his distinguished career, Pearson authored numerous papers and articles on the subject of water treatment and made presentations not only to AWT members, but other related trade organization’s meetings as well. He has served as AWT’s liaison to ASHRAE for the past five years on its Water Treatment Technical Committee, where his efforts led to a jointly co-funded research project in 2005 with ASHRAE, “An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Fill Removal, Cleaning and Disinfection in Controlling Legionella Populations in Cooling Tower Systems.”

Pearson is the 15th recipient of this award. Past recipients include: D.C. “Chuck” Brandvold; Robert R. Cavano; Ronald Knestaut; Dennis Clayton; E.J. Caruso; John J. Baum; Jessie Jefferies; Brent Chettle; Dr. Janet E. Stout; Dr. Arthur J. Freedman; Dr. Bennett P. Boffardi; Dr. Zahid Amjad; Dick Blake; and, Colin Frayne.

Pearson is a Biochemistry graduate of East Carolina University and a member of the American Chemical Society and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. He lives in Raleigh, N.C. and is vice president and director of sales, consulting and technical services for Southeastern Laboratories, Inc. He is a Certified Water Technologist and has more than 30 years experience in the water treatment industry, beginning his career with SEL in 1975.


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