Feb 07, 2012

Winning Solutions to Global Giveback Challenge Series Posted Online

Collaboration between organizations seeks to advance innovative solutions to water-related challenges

InnoCentive Inc. announced the final phase of the Global Giveback Challenge Series, a collaboration launched two years ago between InnoCentive, GlobalGiving and the Rockefeller Foundation to find solutions to water-related problems in developing countries. The solutions to four challenges posted online as part of the series are now available for funding on the GlobalGiving marketplace, where the Rockefeller Foundation will provide a 200% match for every donation through the end of February.

In January 2010, charity fundraising site GlobalGiving solicited ideas from 800 of its partner members for critical problems that could be solved by the InnoCentive Global Solver Community. From the submissions, four water-related challenges were developed and posted:

Design of an easy-to-use method to purify water from Lake Victoria in Uganda, making it safe to drink: Proposed by the EDGE project, this challenge sought a way to provide 100 homes with water filters that would improve upon current filtration systems for the cost of one gallon of bottled water in the developed world.
Sunlight/UV light dose indicator: Proposed by Fundacion SODIS in Bolivia, this challenge sought a visual sign that water has been exposed to a sufficient dose of sunlight or UV light for disinfection.
Design of a low-cost rainwater harvesting storage tank for a wetland region in Kerala, India: Proposed by Rainwater for Humanity, this solution was provided by Mario Rosato, who proposed a rainwater catchment tank that could be constructed of panels made from bamboo fiber, coconut husks or other vegetable fiber conglomerated with cement.
Small-scale river turbines for communities along the Amazon River: Proposed by Green Empowerment, this challenge sought a design for a river turbine to generate power for villages, schools and medical centers in the Amazonian jungle in Peru.

"By partnering with GlobalGiving and the Rockefeller Foundation, we are now in a position to watch these solutions come to life. We're looking forward to seeing the real-world implementation of these game-changing ideas that will improve the lives of millions,” said Dwayne Spradlin, CEO of InnoCentive.