Wishing Well International Foundation Announces Completed Projects in Haiti, South Africa

Partner organizations deliver filters, systems to people in need of clean drinking water

Food for the Poor (FFTP), a Florida-based nonprofit organization partnered with Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF), recently completed the delivery and installation of Hydraid systems, donated by WWIF, in areas of need. Units were installed in schools and shelters throughout Haiti, and meetings are scheduled to take place in the upcoming weeks to discuss additional WWIF donations.

The two organizations partnered shortly after a WWIF fundraiser in Lighthouse Point, Fla., the hometown of FFTP president and CEO Robin Mahfood. FFTP transports products daily out of its warehouses for shipping from Miami to Haiti and other Latin American countries. WWIF delivers the product directly to its warehouses in Coconut Creek, Fla.

In Mpumalanga, South Africa, another project was completed as part of an outreach program by Peter Kellar, franchisee of H2O Intl. South Africa (H2OSA). Filters were donated by WWIF and shipped from H2OSA’s Cape Town, South Africa, warehouse.

“South Africans are very generous people. All they need is a good venue and a good cause, and we have both with WWIF,” said H2OSA’s managing director Tony Marchesini.

Wishing Well International Foundation

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