Jan 28, 2011

Wishing Well International Foundation Provides Filtration Systems to South African Township

Organization was fomed last year with goal of bringing clean water to developing regions

In September 2010, the Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF) was incorporated as a non-profit organization by founder and CEO Guillermo Guzman. WWIF aims to bring clean, safe drinking water to developing areas, and will also focus on sanitation and hygiene to enhance quality of life and reduce disease and mortality.

Key individuals who joined the WWIF team at that time include Issa Al-Kharussy, president of KDF Fluid Treatment Inc.; and Tony Marchesini, managing director of H2O International South Africa. Kharussy has accepted the position of senior vice president, strategic development and global marketing; Marchesini has accepted the position of senior vice president of operations for Africa. The foundation also joined the Water Quality Assn. in September 2010.

In October 2010, Ivan Molina joined WWIF as information technology manager, and began developing a website that is predicted to be online by the end of January. When the WWIF website goes live, individuals will be able to donate through secure sections of the site called MyWishingWell and Become Fundraisers. To become a fundraiser, users can create a username and password, create a personal page and then e-mail friends and contacts to invite them to donate or become fundraisers themselves.

In November 2010, a team from WWIF met with Cascade Engineering, the manufacturer of the Hydraid System. WWIF purchased 30 systems to be used as a test pilot in rural South Africa. More information on the systems’ delivery as part of Project Handclasp is available at: http://www.navycompass.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1953:mc2-alexander-ameen&catid=46&Itemid=584.

More information on Hyraid biosand filters is available at www.hydraid.org.

Denise Al-Kharussy, marketing director for KDF Fluid Treatment Inc., also joined the WWIF team at this time.

In late November, WWIF visited the township of Wallacedeme in Cape Town, South Africa. Guzman and Marchesini met with leaders of the township to discuss WWIF’s involvement in the community. WWIF will supply water filtering systems and coolers to the school, church and clinic. Filters and coolers will be installed during a community event when residents will be educated on the importance of safe drinking water. Systems were donated by H2O International Inc. of Deerfield Beach, Fla., and H2O International, South Africa.

WWIF worked with Shiloh, a local non-profit already performing work within the community, to set up many of these meetings. WWIF will continue to partner with Shiloh and other local non-profit organizations, in order to maximize its reach to areas in need.