Jun 11, 2004

Woodard & Curran Awarded Two Water-related Contracts

Woodard & Curran has recently been awarded two contracts with a combined valued of nearly $1.9 million annually.

The Town of Ashland, Mass., selected Woodard & Curran to operate its 6-million-gallons-per-day drinking water treatment facility after the firm assisted the town with operations on an interim basis last year. The two-year contract, valued at $1.7 million for two years, includes responsibility for operating and maintaining the ozone oxidation groundwater treatment facility that supplies water to Ashland and Hopkinton, Mass. The facility, which serves a population of about 10,000, will be staffed with three full-time operators.

A confidential Fortune 50 client selected Woodard & Curran to operate and maintain its 300-gallons-per-minute groundwater remediation facility. The contract will involve a staff of five and include a full range of technical services including general site maintenance and security. The two-year contract is valued at $1.2 million per year.