Feb 20, 2014

WQA Announces Professional Certification Changes

Beginning in March 2015, WQA will offer two advanced-level certifications and four core titles

Water Quality Assn. Professional Certification Changes March 15 2015

In coordination with the unveiling of its new Modular Education Program (MEP), the Water Quality Assn. (WQA) announced changes to its professional certification scheme.

Beginning in March 2015, WQA will offer two advanced-level certifications — master water specialist and master service technician — and four core titles — certified water treatment representative, certified water specialist (CWS), certified installer (CI) and certified service technician.

While the title will live on, the CWS designation will cease to exist in its current form. Certified professionals holding the titles of CWS-V and CWS-VI will be redesignated as master water specialists, and professionals holding the titles of CWS-I, CWS-II, CWS-III and CWS-IV will be redesignated simply as CWS. All CWSs will be able to work through the advanced curriculum of the new MEP program to achieve the master water specialist title.

Individuals currently holding the CI designation will retain that title. They also will have the opportunity to progress to the level of certified service technician and subsequently to the master service technician level.

Individuals currently holding the certified sales representative title will be redesignated as certified water-treatment representatives (CWR). Certified professionals also may pursue any other core certification title through the MEP.

Through the MEP, WQA will offer a variety of educational pathways designed for non-technical office staff, sales and marketing personnel, equipment installers, service technicians and system designers. Upon completion of any education pathways, the learner will receive a certificate of completion, which differs from a title-bearing certification.

Beginning March 2015, to become eligible for certification, all non-certified enrollees will be required to complete the foundational learning activities, which consist of the basics curriculum badge followed by the fundamentals curriculum badge. Once the fundamentals badge is achieved, the learner may proceed to the core material, where they can choose from four different certification paths, including:

  • The CWR path, appropriate for office staff, sales and marketing personnel;
  • The CWS path, intended for system specifiers and designers;
  • The CI path, geared toward equipment installers; and
  • The Certified Service Technician path, intended for service technicians.

After achieving the core-level certification, certified water specialists may go on to earn the master water specialist designation, while certified service technicians may pursue the title of master service technician.