Apr 01, 2014

WQA Endorses Wishing Well International Foundation

The endorsement announcement was made during WQA Aquatech USA in Orlando, Fla.

WWIF WQA Endorsement Aquatech 2014 Orlando Florida

After three years as a member of the Water Quality Assn. (WQA) and working at the grassroots level with its members, Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF) received official endorsement from the association. The announcement was made during the board of governors meeting at WQA Aquatech USA in Orlando, Fla., in March. This long-awaited endorsement brings additional credibility to the foundation that will help in conversations with current and prospective sponsors — the lifeline that fuels the foundation’s mission.

This is the first endorsement of its kind after criteria for endorsement of other nonprofits was developed by the association over the last 12 months. The criteria include, but are not limited to, 501(c)(3) status for a minimum of three years, WQA membership in good standing by the directors of the nonprofit to be endorsed and a mission statement that includes water filtration or purification as its main activity and financial transparency. WWIF met all of these requirements, and the foundation’s directors have more than 100 years of combined membership in the association. H2O Intl. Inc. (Guillermo Guzman, CEO and founder of WWIF) has been a WQA member for 21 years; KDF Fluid Treatment Inc. (Issa Al- Kharusy, WWIF vice president of strategic development and global marketing) has 30 years and WC&P Intl. (Kurt Peterson, WWIF vice president of marketing-strategic donor relations and media) has 50 years.

“We have worked very hard to acquire this endorsement and we are very happy with the timing. It took association leaders with vision to make this happen and we are very grateful to Dave Haataja, WQA executive director and CEO, and Richard Mest, WQA past president, as they were instrumental in developing the criteria that would allow the association to endorse the foundation," Guzman said. "A heartfelt thank you to the board of governors, the board of directors and everyone else that supported us and believed in our mission. We are very proud of this accomplishment for both organizations and we will continue to work with association leaders to figure out how to best leverage the relationship with the goal of impacting more people in need of clean, safe drinking water. Our goal has always been to make this effort an industry effort and we are now closer to our goal."