Oct 08, 2015

WQA Lists WWIF as Philanthropic Partner

The association officially endorsed the organization in March 2014

Wishing Well International Foundation 10-1-10 Water Quality Association WQA

The Water Quality Assn. (WQA) has listed Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF) as an Endorsed Philanthropic Partner. Following WQA’s official endorsement of WWIF in March 2014, the two organizations have engaged in dialogue about how to create more awareness of the cause for clean water among its members. This collaboration continues with the singular mission of providing clean, safe drinking water in developing areas.

Established in 1974, WQA primarily represents the sector of the water treatment industry devoted to treating water at residential and commercial locations. The Illinois-based trade association is recognized throughout the world, with more than 2,700 company members that are directly or indirectly related to ensuring that water is safe for consumption and optimal for its many uses.

The establishment and mission of WWIF originated amongst a handful of WQA members. “Our membership and involvement with WQA has been a primary factor for Wishing Well’s mission and growth," said Guillermo Guzman, president of H2O Intll, and founder and CEO of WWIF. "We’re all water-quality professionals. Not only do we know the available technologies to improve the quality of water, but we’re also aware of the hundreds of millions of people around the world who lack access to minimally safe water. Wishing Well exists to connect the problem solvers to the problem.”

After impacting thousands of people around the world during its first five years of operation, WWIF is looking to make a big impact in 2016 with its 10-1-10 Africa Expedition, a two-week fund-raising event in which WWIF representatives and WQA members will travel throughout South Africa and Swaziland to deploy filters. The "10-1-10" in the title underscores that for every $10 donation, one person is provided with clean, safe drinking water for 10 years. Opportunities to join and/or sponsor the expedition are listed at the WWIF website.

“We are very excited and eager to help spread the word about the Wishing Well mission and the events that support that mission,” said Ken Kabira, WQA associate executive director. “We highly encourage our members to become water advocates and consider supporting this worthy cause through sponsorship and participation in Wishing Well events.”