Sep 28, 2010

Wunsch Named Director of Science and Technology for National Ground Water Association

Former state geologist brings experience from academic and governmental roles

David R. Wunsch, Ph.D., was named director of science and technology for the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), leaving his position as state geologist of New Hampshire after 10 years.

“NGWA aspires to be the leading groundwater association that advocates the responsible development, management and use of water,” said NGWA Executive Director Kevin McCray. “Dave Wunsch will be an excellent leader and innovator in NGWA’s efforts to accomplish this goal.”

Wunsch’s job responsibilities include assuring the scientific and technical accuracy of information disseminated by the NGWA; serving as the scientific liaison between NGWA and government agencies, international organizations and related non-governmental organizations; and assisting in the development of conferences and other professional development.

“Dave ably will assist in expanding NGWA’s role as an international leader in the dissemination of groundwater-related scientific and technical information, and in the development of policy to guide wise use and protection of the planet’s groundwater resources,” McCray said.

Wunsch has previously served as a Congressional Science Fellow, most directly with the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources; as the coordinator of the coal field hydrology program at the Kentucky Geological Survey; and as a geology instructor at Central Michigan University. He has served on and presented his research to several National Academy of Science panels, and is currently an associate editor of the journal Ground Water.

He has been an adjunct professor at the University of New Hampshire and the University of Kentucky, and a visiting scholar at Dartmouth College. Wunsch has been a voting member of the Joint Board of Licensure for Professional Geologists and the New Hampshire Water Well Board. In 2010, he served as president of the Association of American State Geologists.

As a long-time NGWA member and volunteer, Wunsch has provided testimony before the U.S. Senate, been a director of the Scientists and Engineers division, served on various committees and task groups and co-chaired a NGWA groundwater science conference.

“I am excited to become part of the association in a professional capacity,” Wunsch said. “NGWA represents the nexus of professional, educational and scientific programs that promote the wise stewardship of our groundwater resources.”

Wunsch earned his bachelor’s in geology with a minor in chemistry from the State University of New York at Oneonta; his Master’s with a hydrogeology emphasis from the University of Akron; and his Doctorate in hydrogeology with emphasis on low-temperature geochemistry from the University of Kentucky.