May 21, 2015

WWIF Launches New Marketing Effort, Sponsorship Opportunities

Organization will emphasize "10-1-10" message in future marketing and fundraising campaigns

Wishing Well International Foundation 10-1-10

In an effort to emphasize that every $10 donation provides clean drinking water for one person for 10 years, Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF) announced that the “10-1-10” message will be at the heart of all its future marketing and fundraising campaigns.

“The simple 10-1-10 message is who we are. It’s what we’re all about ... providing clean water for those in developing nations and partnering with our donors to make it happen,” said Mark Bertler, vice president of corporate sponsors and fundraising for WWIF. “The filtration systems are simple. There are teams in place to deploy them, and our generous donors have repeatedly demonstrated an eagerness to spread the word. So, we wanted to create a new marketing identity that boils down to this: The $10 bill in your pocket will save someone’s life by providing them with water ... not just for a day or even a year, but for 10 years.”

With bold plans for the future that include ambitious fundraising campaigns across the world in the next two years, WWIF is looking to elevate its presence in the charity landscape to a higher tier. At the center of the WWIF rebranding is the restructuring and renaming of its corporate sponsorship levels. The renamed levels will now ascribe to sponsors a more reputable and philanthropic name that conveys their generous charity.

WWIF has remained focused on turning donations into drinking water for those who need it. Bertler elaborated on the WWIF strategy that led to its positive global impact and a Water Quality Assn. endorsement after just a few years. “There is oftentimes a great deal of complexity involved in charitable organizations,“ he said. “Part of the donated money is diverted to overhead or other administrative costs instead of going directly to the cause itself. It’s also challenging to keep track of resources, which makes it difficult to quantify the impact of a donation. Fortunately, Wishing Well doesn’t have any of these issues. The mission, the effort, the aid and the impact are so straightforward ... we want the whole identity of our organization to reflect that simplicity, which is why we’re eager to promote the 10-1-10 message.”

WWIF founder and CEO Guillermo Guzman emphasized the simple math that makes it easy to determine the impact of a WWIF donation: “If you consider that the Biosand filters last up to 10 years for 10 people when properly maintained, and that the average cost of each is $100 (which is $10 per person), it becomes easy to quantify how many people our money will impact.” 

The 10-1-10 African Expedition will be one of WWIF’s featured events of 2016. A convoy of vehicles with WWIF representatives, sponsors, media and medics will deploy dozens of filtration systems in South Africa and Swaziland. Numerous sponsorship opportunities will be available for those who would like to support the expedition and also for those who would like to join it.