Jan 30, 2013

WWIF Meets With Members of Safe Water Ghana

WWIF founder travels to Ghana to expand the foundation's humanitarian efforts

Wishing Well International Foundationan Safe Water Ghana Guillermo Guzman

Guillermo Guzman, founder of Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF), is travelling to meet with members of the Safe Water Ghana (SWG) team to witness and assist with the deployment of filters to 50 more families in the village of Bagliga in northern Ghana. This latest deployment completes the project initiated by the students at St. Paul Lutheran School in Boca Raton, Fla. 

SWG manages one of five distribution centers set up by the Safe Water Team (a Michigan nonprofit organization working closely with the foundation) in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Honduras. The trip will give both teams the opportunity to meet face to face and discuss other projects in the area. There are other, similar villages in northern Ghana near Tamale, where the team will be staying, and there will be time to visit some of them.

Each distribution center already has thousands of filters available and ready for deployment as soon as funding from organizations like WWIF becomes available. Each distribution center uses local resources and labor to store, deploy, install and maintain the filters. They also keep detailed records of where they were installed to monitor use of the filters and their benefits to residents.

“Working through existing distribution centers makes life easier for us at WWIF. Not only do we save valuable dollars, but now, rather than focus on logistics and getting the biosand filters to the different locations around the world, we can focus on fundraising and selecting projects. It’s a win-win for all and we can have a greater impact this way,” Guzman said.