So here I go again … this is not the first time I’ve devoted a portion of my editorial letter to the importance of having a website. Let’s face it, many water dealerships are still relying on telephone calls, snail mail and faxes in their day-to-day business activities. In fact, dealers often praise themselves for spending face time with clients; we are a service-based industry after all. But is it enough?

The belief that an interested customer will always choose to pick up the phone for more information is misleading. Today’s consumers like to shop around. They want to learn more about your business, employees, products and services, and they will do this using the Internet.

A recent study sited by the WQA revealed that close to 70% of Americans, ages 20 to 50, go to the Internet to search for information. This is an impressive number of potential consumers that review a company’s website before making a purchasing decision.

The Internet also plays a major role in Yellow Pages advertising. According to a Yellow Pages Ad Study, more than 60% of people surveyed only call Yellow Pages ads that list a web address.

I’ve spoken to a number of water dealers that swear by the benefits of having a website; others, unfortunately, have too much on their hands to ever get around to setting up a website.

So why do I continue advocating the advantages of the Internet? As we began to prepare the special editorial section of the 2006-2007 Buyer’s Guide, we included an article reviewing the benefits of the Find A Water Professional feature offered to WQA members. After interviewing several water dealers for the article, the advantages of the Internet became even more apparent (see page 10). I urge water dealers to make time in their busy schedules to ensure their businesses are promoted online.

On a different note, be sure to review the various articles included in the Water Quality Products 2006-2007 Buyer’s Guide special editorial section starting on page 6. This section features articles on topics that can help dealers get a better handle on some of the main challenges they face today.

Additionally, for the manufacturers, we’ve included an important article reviewing the benefits of component certifications that can further help establish confidence in the safety and quality of their products.

As usual, the 2006-2007 Buyer’s Guide features many pages dedicated to serving your buying needs—Product Directory, Supplier Directory, Product Guide and Supplier’s Website Profile sections.

Finally, keep visiting our online Buyer’s Guide listings at www.wqpmag.com, where we will continue to update new technologies and suppliers emerging on the water treatment market throughout the year.

Water Quality Products is Moving!
Effective Sept. 1, 2006, Water Quality Products will be moving to a new location. The new address will be: 3030 Salt Creek Lane, Suite 201, Arlington Heights, IL 60005.

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