Mar 19, 2012

Zachary Rice Succeeds Father as President of Multipure

Alvin Rice will continue in advisory role as COO

After more than 40 years, Multipure co-founder and President Alvin Rice stepped down from his leadership role to let his son, Zachary Rice, assume the mantle as the new president of the company.

An MBA from the University of Southern California, Zachary Rice has more than a decade of experience in manufacturing, information technology, engineering and sales. Recently he has handled a greater amount of Multipure’s daily operations in his role as executive vice president. Rice is directly responsible for advancements in Multipure’s operational capabilities, and is the architect behind the company’s launch of manufacturing and sales channels in China.

Alvin Rice will continue in an advisory role as Multipure’s chief operations officer, and is confident in his son’s abilities as company president. “Zachary has grown up in this organization, and has worked to learn and understand this company and this business model since he was a child,” Alvin Rice said. “I was just 22 years old when I started this company with my brother, and I couldn’t be prouder to see Zachary lead the next-generation [of] Multipure. There is no one as qualified, as insightful or as knowledgeable of this company and this industry as Zachary, and he is developing some amazing new products and new opportunities for Multipure. I truly believe that the next several years for Multipure will see growth exceeding the previous 40 years.”

Multipure co-founder and CEO H. Allen Rice believes that Multipure’s spirit of innovation will continue to flourish under Zachary Rice. “Alvin and I built this company on innovation and opportunity. Innovation led us to create our solid carbon block filter, innovation led us to establish our network marketing opportunity, and innovation is what will continue the success of this company,” he said. “Multipure, and Multipure innovation, is in good hands with Zachary. He’s been ready for this for some time, and Multipure will only grow stronger under his leadership.”