Zenon Cruises To Two More Orders

ZENON Environmental Inc. has sold two additional water treatment systems to Holland America Lines Westours (HALW). The contract for the two systems is valued at approximately $5 million. This marks the third order ZENON has received from HALW, bringing the total ships to five that will be using ZENON's patented ZenoGem technology.

In light of recent landmark legislation in Alaska, all vessels sailing Alaskan waters must now undergo strict sampling and testing requirements for any wastewater discharged into the sensitive marine environment.

Ultrafiltration immersed hollow-fibre membranes are the heart of ZENON's ZenoGem membrane bioreactor. The membranes, under the application of a slight suction, allow clean water to pass to the inside of the membrane fibre, leaving biomass and suspended solids in the bioreactor. The system eliminates the discharge of normal black and gray water into any environmentally sensitive area.


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