ZENON Opens New Regional Office in San Diego County

ZENON Environmental Inc. is opening its first U.S. office in San Diego County. The new facility, which will be located in Oceanside, will provide support to the company’s numerous customers in the area and will be the main office for its southwestern U.S. operations. The new location is also in close proximity to the Pacific Rim Region, making it a viable location for the company‚s growing business in Asia.

"We are very pleased to have ZENON select Oceanside as its home for their Southwest Regional offices," said Jim Wood, mayor of the city of Oceanside. "ZENON is a leader in water membrane technologies and will be a welcome addition to our growing technology base in the community."

ZENON will be hosting a grand opening celebration where invited guests will have an opportunity to meet ZENON’s staff, learn about ZENON’s activities in the area and hear about the company’s future plans.

California’s Southwest region is home to a high concentration of ZENON’s large customers who, along with others in the region, will benefit by the company’s sales, service, project management and research facilities—all of which will be operating from its Oceanside office.

"We recognize that this is one of the fastest growing and one of the most water sensitive regions in the United States," said Andrew Benedek, chairman and CEO of ZENON. The area is also a center of membrane excellence because of the pool of knowledgeable and experienced membrane specialists. For these reasons, it is important for ZENON to have a strong presence in the region. We‚re very pleased about enhancing our operations here and assisting communities and industries in tackling their water quality and shortage issues."

ZENON has relocated some of its senior and executive management team to the new location. According to Benedek, although the office currently has a staff of about a dozen key people, the company will be increasing this number substantially over the next few years in order to meet the needs of this growing water-short region.


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