Jan 02, 2015

Zurn Launches New Solderless Connections

The new products are fast to install and have watertight seals

Zurn Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly with Zurn Wilkins Z-Press Solderless C

Zurn Industries LLC announced the launch of Zurn Wilkins Z-Bite and Z-Press solderless connections – creating a wide array of push-fit and press-fit connection options to many of the company’s products.

The new products were designed to connect to backflow preventers, regulators and thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs). In addition, Zurn also will offer standalone push-fit and press-fit tailpiece kits compatible with Zurn union threads.

According to the manufacturer, with no soldering necessary, and without the need to fully drain the water from a piping system, both types of the new connectors allow for faster installation and repairs, saving both time and money. The torchless sealing method prevents the chance of fire.

The connectors can be installed by non-skilled laborers, such as “do-it-yourselfers” working at home, and require little or no training. The fittings are removable, allowing products to be repositioned or replaced easily. Z-Bite can be used with copper, PEX or CPVC.

“We think these are great for a number of reasons, including the versatility they give us in the field,” says Henry Schmitz, owner of Henry Schmitz Plumbing. “Zurn Wilkins is always helpful to work with and their products are superior and never less than equal to anything else on the market.”

The Z-Bite connectors represents the lowest lifecycle cost solution, because they are equipped with a durable O-ring seal and stainless steel grip that provide watertight connections.

The Z-Press solderless connection also allows for faster repairs with less down time of a home or building’s water system. Appropriate for copper piping ½ to 2 in. in size, it works with commonly available press-fit tools to achieve a permanent press crimp. The press-fitting option also includes a durable O-ring seal to help secure a watertight connection. The connector can be used by a new plumbing professional without extensive training.

Both connectors can make a seal on wet piping and each is suitable for both new and retrofit jobs. In addition, both connectors can be used behind a wall, although Zurn recommends using an access panel for future access to both the quick-connect fitting and the backflow preventer, regulator or TMV it is paired with.